Resilience Engineering 10

Resilience Engineering is a trans-disciplinary perspective that focuses on developing on theories and practices that enable the continuity of operations and societal activities to deliver essential services in the face of ever growing dynamics and uncertainty . It addresses complexity, non-linearity, inter-dependencies, emergence, formal and informal social structures, threats and opportunities.

The 10th Resilience Engineering Symposium is co-organized by MINES Paris Centre of risks and Crises and the Resilience Engineering Association and it will be held in Sophia Antipolis, France on 26-30 June, 2023.

Charlotte Heinzlef et Damien Serre participate in the event.

Lundi 26 Juin: Session organization "Serious Games for Resilient Infrastructure Systems" - C.Heinzlef et D.Serre

Mardi 27 Juin: Presentations

  • Insight Serious Game prototypes to implement resilience to climate risks - C.Heinzlef 
  • Facing critical infrastructure failures with organizational resilience - D.Serre


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