X Siberian studies conference

Emotions, Feelings and Perception in the North and Siberia


What is This Conference About?

How does anthropology usually describe indigenous cultures of the North? It is not uncommon to find in anthropological books and papers descriptions of the indigenous deep knowledge of the land and communication with the invisible world, and even discourse around technology and rationality. With this conference let us take a different direction by asking what it means to laugh or cry, to hysterically scream or whisper, in the North. These questions are often neglected by anthropologists working in Siberian and Northern Regions. We still do not have a proper academic language to describe affection or dislike, love or hate. How are emotions and affections conceptualized by people living in the North and Siberia? How do those who live and work in the North talk about and perceive senses? How can we answer these questions without resorting to psychological and metaphysical interpretations, but rather opting for ethnographic analysis? It is equally important to analyze how the emotions associated with movement, such as nomadism, and with technology and/or environmental change. We raise these questions at the upcoming X International Siberian Studies Conference.


  • Theoretical approaches to the research of emotions and feelings
  • Marriage, kinship and emotions
  • Emotions and social distance
  • Taboo, emotions and violation of social rules
  • Controlling emotions and feelings
  • Languages of emotions
  • Bodily techniques and emotions
  • Emotions and memory
  • The collective emotional actions
  • Charisma and emotional prospective of power
  • Emotions and industrial development in the North
  • Emotional aspects of economic behaviour
  • Feelings and emotions in human-animal-landscape relationships
  • The perception of movement, arctic tourism and wanderlust


Where and When?

The conference will be held on 24-26 October 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Working Languages

Russian and English

How to Apply

  1. Abstracts (in Russian and English, up to 300 words) and application forms should be sent before February 1, 2016 to the email address siberiamae@gmail.com with the subject «X Siberian Studies conference: Family name»
  2. Papers (up to 40 000 characters, including illustrations) will be published after the conference in the next "Siberian volume - 5" (in Russian and English). The organizing committee will give preference to the papers based on field and archival work. The organizers reserve the right to reject applications that do not meet the conference topics.



E-mail of the conference: siberiamae@gmail.com
E-mails of conveners:

E-mail of the secretary:
leravasilyeva11@gmail.com (Valeria Vasilyeva),
Landline: +7(812)328-4142
(Department of Siberian Ethnography, MAE)

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