Viacheslav Shadrin from Yakutsk visited CEARC and OVSQ

Vyacheslav Shadrin (history, ethnography) from the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk visited the CEARC research center (OVSQ, Guyancourt, France) on 21 October 2014 within the framework of the project ARTisticc.

​In the morning, he joined in the special screening of the film « Inuk », and after the lunch with CEARC members (Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, Alexandra Lavrillier, Jean-Michel Huctin, Juan Baztan, Carlotte Da Cunha, Mateo Cordier, Zhiwei Zhu), Sophie Godin-Beekmann (director of OVSQ), Alain Bui and Celine Delacourt-Gollain (Department of international relations of UVSQ), Vyacheslav Shadrin worked with Jean-Paul Vanderlinden on this project.