The Second International Conference of Tungusic Anthropology

Human-environment relations: memories, narratives and practices in Siberia and China

1-2 May 2015, 

Room 211, Faculty of History, Vilnius University, Lithuania


Topics :

  • techniques in hunting, herding, fishing, landscape uses;

  • ethno-history and recent social adaptations (from nomads to villagers, relocation,

  • collective representation of the environment (spirits, shamanism, rituals,luck and fortune);

  • emotion - multisensory perceptions, etc.

  • political features in the human-environment relationships

  • linguistics

  • archaeology

Org. Commitee :

  • Donatas Brandisauskas - Vilnius University, Lithuania (  +37067785308)

  • Audrius Beinorius- Vilnius University, Lithuania

  • Alexandra Lavrillier - CEARC UVSQ/OVSQ, France 

  • Aurore Dumont  - Centre de recherche sur les civilisations de l'Asie Orientale, France 

  • Vladimir Davydov - Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia

  • Veronika Simonova- European University, St. Petersburg, Russia


Main organizer :

Confucius Institute, Vilnius University.

Other organizers and supporters :

Faculty of History, VU; French Evenk association Sekalan; VŠĮ „4 vėjai“; Team of Archaeological  research (L. Tamulynas), VU. “Dundulio alus”.


Associate document: Programme Vilnius Tungusic 2015 May.pdf