Micro 2022 Plastic pollution from macro to nano

Under the Patronage of the the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, We are honoured to move on the road to MICRO 2022 and invite the scientific community and practitioners to participate in the MICRO 2022 preparation process.

The increasing accumulation of plastic pollution in the environment has been reported in the literature for more than 50 years and microplastics as a threat since 2004. Alongside, questions about plastics have also continued to multiply as the research community grows and public concern heightens. MICRO 2022 provides an opportunity to share what we know, fill in gaps, identify new questions and develop commitments to operationalise this knowledge into meaningful actions addressing plastic pollution from Macro to nano.

Building upon the stimulating work shared during the International Conferences MICRO 2016MICRO 2018 and MICRO 2020, We are delighted to invite the scientific community and stakeholders to participate in:

MICRO 2022, Online Atlas Edition: Plastic Pollution from MACRO to nano. 

The international conference will take place from 14-18 November 2022. 

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