Micro 2020 Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge and Responsabilities

Welcome to MICRO 2020, Our biennial international conference on plastic pollution from MACRO to nano!

We are working hard to make this 3rd edition of MICRO a chance to keep the online content open access and foster a collaborative effort among our continuously expanding MICRO community.

We are more than 2000 authors with around 500 communications; a dense programme for the week!

An enormous thanks to the Scientific Committee for their engagement throughout the planning and forthcoming sessions, and to all participants, as well.

For MICRO 2016, we were 300, in 2018 we were 600, and for this 2020 edition we are more than one thousand participants. As our community continues growing, we need to think about how to connect moving forward; MICRO 2020 is a chance for that. It is also a chance to celebrate the past 2 years’ research and define the baseline for those to come.


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