Les Vendredis de l'OVSQ: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Human Health

The earth is in the midst of an unusually rapid climate warming trend that has important implications for natural and human systems, including human health. Linking exposure-response functions for temperature-related mortality to future temperature projections developed by the IPCC, Dr. Kinney has analyzed potential future mortality impacts of warming summers and winters in New York City.

Patrick L. Kinney, Sc.D. Professor of Environmental Health Sciences (Mailman School of Public Health) present "Climate Change, Air Pollution and Human Health" on Friday March 7 at Amphitheatre G. Mégie of OVSQ.

His work suggests that impacts from summer heat will outweigh benefits of warming winters. In other work, he has used global climate and air quality model outputs to assess the joint health and climate benefits of alternative source-specific emission controls. This assessment helps to identify mitigation actions which maximize benefits for both health and climate. These results will be presented in the context of research challenges and opportunities for climate and health.

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