Juan Baztan

 juan.baztan [at] uvsq.fr


Juan Baztan, PhD. Researcher in Environmental and Earth Sciences :

After earning a double degree in geology and oceanography in 1998, Juan went on to receive his PhD in marine geology under the direction of Dr. Jean-Pierre Rehault at the Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer and the Institut Français de Recherche pour l' Exploitation de la Mer in Brest, France. His PhD dissertation, "Formation et évolution des canyons sous- marins du Golfe du Lion : relation avec les cycles glacio-eustatiques” was developed while he was working on a team led by Dr. Jean-Louis Olivet, and was presented in November of 2004. During his time as a student, he participated in eight oceanographic research cruises.

Juan’s work focuses on the evolution and current state of the coastal and oceanic system. Much of his work incorporates his interest in the earth-human system and investigates the ways in which humans impact processes, with a specific emphasis on ethics in relation to concerns of coastal communities.

In 2010, he joined Professor Jean-Paul Vanderlinden’s research team at the Observatoire de Versailles SQY. Juan’s dedication to interdisciplinary research has connected him with local, regional, national, and international experts through his work on projects such as (i) THESEUS: "Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate"; (ii) ARTISTICC: "Adaptation to Transdisciplinary Research and Policy Community Centered Approach" and (iii) CoCliServ: Co-Development of Place-Based Climate Services for Action.

Since 2007, Juan has drawn from his firm commitment to collaborative, ethical, and interdisciplinary research to coordinate Marine Sciences For Society: a network of concerned scientists working to enhance the dialogue between scientists and society as a whole.


Collective Works

2024: MICRO 2024...more very soon ;)
2009-2024: Zero Plastic in Biosphere Reserves, UNESCO
2022: MICRO 2022

2020: MICRO 2020
2018: MICRO 2018
2017-2021: Mesurer la taille du Monde: Programme de recherche scientifique et de création artistique.
2016: MICRO 2016
2016: Co-organisation du festival ANTHROPOSCÈNE*: Arts, Sciences et Politique.
2016: Co-organisation du Festival des écritures scéniques du réel : OBLIQUES 2016.
2014-2016: INONDATIONS.gif
2014: Les poissons ont-ils toujours raison ?
2013: Émotion politique.
2013: Co-organisation du Festival des écritures scéniques du réel : OBLIQUES 2013.
2011: “Con-Vivencias”, 4o campo de desconcentración polivalente.
2010: “Oh! Ocean”, 3er campo de desconcentración polivalente.


Peer Review Publications

Papers and book chapters (NOT UPDATED YET...)

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Conferences (NOT UPDATED...cof, cof)

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Oceanographic Research Cruises

2016: ACCLIMATE, South-Africa to Namibia, South Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean
2007: MASPALOMAS, Canary Island, Atlantic Ocean
2004: PROGRESS, Mediterranean Sea
2002: STRATAFORM, Mediterranean Sea
2000: MARION, Mediterranean Sea
1999-2000: MAGIA, Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Ocean
1999: INTERPOLE MD 114/IMAGES V, Atlantic & Mediterranean
1999: CALMAR-99, Mediterranean Sea
1998: ZEE Canary Island project, Atlantic Ocean


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