Franco - German Seminar "Gateway to the Arctic" 2013 BREST

Social sciences meet natural sciences — interdisciplinary seminar on Arctic research for young scientists

The Franco-German seminar “Gateway to the Arctic” is an approach to bring together young scientists from different disciplines of natural and social sciences. The seminar will cover aspects of intensive exchange through a series of lectures and workshops addressing the latest research advances in various fields of Arctic research. The casual and interactive meeting format will privilege the participants, and partner institutions for networking and developing new collaborations. Looking at the two focus regions in the Arctic - Siberia and Alaska - we would like to work on how we can improve and promote interdisciplinary research activities.


Franc-German workshop on Arctic research (Greenland and Svalbard)

Co-organised by

- the Institut polaire français Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV), Brest

- the Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar Research (AWI), Bremerhaven

- and the research centre CEARC (Cultures, Environments, Arctic, Representations, Climate) of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ)

at IPEVBrestNovembre 18-20, 2013,

supported by a grant from the Franco-German University of Saarbrücken (UFA-DFH)



Monday, November 18

  • 17:00 : welcome of participants by Dr Yves Frénot, director of  IPEV
  • 17:10: Angelka Dummermuth, AWI: “How is polar science organised?”
  • 17:30 : Yves-Frénot, IPEV: “Presentation of IPEV’s activities”
  • 17:50 : Jan Borm, CEARC/UVSQ: “Presentation of CEARC”
  • 18:00 : Ice-breaker event at IPEV​


 Tuesday, November 19

  • 9:00 : Piotr Głowacki, Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Science (PAN), Warsaw: “Polish research in Svalbard”
  • 9:30 : Tomasz Wawrzyniak, PAN: “Polish Polar Station Hornsund”
  • 10:00 : Elzbieta Majchrowska, Polish Polar Consortium, University of Silesia: “Glaciated catchment on Spitsbergen (Werenskioldbreen)”
  • 10:30 : Coffee break
  • 11:00 : Yves Frénot, IPEV: “The Franco-German research station in Svalbard”
  • 11:30 : Lars Eric Heimburger, Toulouse: “Mercury in the Arctic Ocean”
  • 12:00 : Alain Sarkissian, LATMOS/UVSQ: “The IAOOS campaign: Ice-Atmosphere-Arctic Ocean Observing System)”
  • 12.30 : discussion
  • 12:45 - 14:00 : lunch break at Ifremer
  • Afternoon session: Greenland
  • 14:00 : Emilie Gauthier, Besançon: “The interdisciplinary research project Green Greenland (supported by the French National Research Agency ANR)”
  • 14:30 : Laura Corderollana, LATMOS/UVSQ: “Remotely sensing supra-glacial lake depths on the Greenland Ice Sheet”
  • 15:00 : Jean-Michel Huctin, CEARC/UVSQ: “Why study child maltreatment in Greenland? Research on a growing social problem but neglected theme in social sciences”
  • 15:30 : coffee break
  • 16:00 : workshop on Greenland (including a Skype presentation from the UNEP agency in Norway)
  • 17:00 : workshop on Svalbard (including a Skype presentation from the Polish station in Hornsund)
  • 18:00 : Summary of the day’s proceedings
  • 19:30 : Diner at Village Beauséjour Le Conquet


Wednesday, November 20

  • Morning session: Multilateral, Interdisciplinary Arctic Research Projects
  • 9:00 : Alexandra Lavrillier, CEARC/UVSQ, and Maxence Rojo, CEARC/UVSQ: “Bridging Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge: Current state of the BRISK research project (supported by the French National Research Agency ANR)
  • 9:30 : discussion
  • 9:45 : Jean-Paul Vanderlinden: “The Belmont research project ARTISTICC”
  • 10:15 : discussion
  • 10:30 : coffee break
  • 11:00 – 12:00 : brainstorming session on multilateral Arctic research projects to be developed and conclusions
  • 12:00 – 14:00 : Lunch break at Ifremer