Conference Arctic on November 27th 2014

November 27th from 11h30 to 13h30 at OVSQ, Alexandra Lavrillier and CEARC organized a conference about Arctic. We invited four researchers from Arctic Centre of Rovaniemi Finland and Khanty Siberia.

  • Anna Stammler-Gossmann (anthropologist): Tourism in the North: Concepts, challenges and practices (based on case studies in Northern Norway, Finland and Russia) (this intervention will focus on the development of tourism in the Arctic)
  • Stephan Dudeck (anthropologist and Khanty reindeer herder): Khanty private reindeer herding in the midst of oil fields in western Siberia and khanty strategies of self presentation (the intervention will focus on the Khanty in cooperation with reindeer herders and ethnographers Khanty)