Roxana Roos

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I am a full-time researcher at the CEARCresearch centre of Université Paris-Saclay, UVSQ, France. I work in the CLIMArcTIC project “From regional to global impacts of climate change in the Arctic: an interdisciplinary perspective”. I will do fieldwork in Northern Norway using a social science approach to study the knowledge needs and user perspectives regarding the deployment of climate services for local arctic communities. I will be mainly based in Norway at the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Bergen, Norway, where I am guest-researcher.

My current research interests are research reflexivity in environmental change research and in particular how interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and participative research practices that try to bridge irreconcilable ways of knowing can be improved.

I have a mixed background with a BSc (2009) in science and technology and an MSc (2014) in the use of ICT in schools and design and programming in school-related programs. My PhD (2021) research (monograph) focused on institutional culture in higher education institutions and how educators operate in the field of tension between government regulation and institutional freedom. To this end, I applied Foucault-based discourse analysis. The analysis helped to identify different forms of freedom.

Work history

First, I have worked for eight years as a teacher at various secondary schools in Norway, teaching the subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology at the pre-university level. From 2015 to 2023, I worked as a teacher educator at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), first as an assistant professor, and later as associate professor. At HVL I developed, coordinated, and taught 3 Master courses in respectively “Theory of Science and Methods” [15 ECTS], “Literature Review and Action Research” [15 ECTS], and, “Seminar on the MSc Project” [45 ECTS], and I have supervised several master students.

After many years of mainly teaching, I decided to follow my heart by prioritizing research and changing the field to environmental change research. In 2022 I started as a Senior researcher at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University (UU) where I worked on the international project SemPER Arctic project (Sense Making, Place Attachment, and Extended networks as sources of Resilience in the Arctic) funded by the Belmont Forum. In 2024 I joined the CEARC.

Main publications and presentations

Roos, R. “Maybe you need to do something about it”: challenges in global environmental change research with and within local communities. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 11, 429 (2024).

Singh, O. (2023) The making of representations of concerns and knowledge of local and indigenous people. Presentation at AFINO workshop “Inter- and transdisciplinary challenges in practice”, 1 Aug 2023, Metochi Study Centre, Lesvos, Greece.

Singh, O. (2023) Transparens i foucauldiansk diskursanalyse i utdanningsforskning. (Transparency in Foucauldian discourse analysis in educational research, in Norwegian with English abstract) Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift 107 (1): 93–104. doi:10.18261/npt.107.1.9

Singh, O. (2021) Hva kan internasjonal Foucault-basert forskning på læreplaner og praksis tilby matematikkutdanning og undervisning i norsk kontekst? Transkripsjon av prøveforelesning knytet til disputas, 12.11.2021 HVL, Bergen, Norge, Ph.D-program av danning og didaktiske praksiser.

Singh, O. (2021). Med fokus på lærerutdanneres frihet - En diskursanalytisk studie om hvordan frihet framtrer i matematikklærerutdanneres utforming av faget matematikk for trinn 5 – 10 i kontekst av styringsdokumenter. PhD thesis. (Monograph, in Norwegian), Bodoni AS / Høgskulen på Vestlandet. Bergen, Norway. ISBN 978-82-93677-66-6.

Singh, O. (2018) Frihet til å forme faget (Freedom to shape the subject). Presentation (in Norwegian) at the conference FoU i praksis 2018 - Politikk og kunnskap i norsk lærerutdanning, NTNU, Nord Universitet & Dronning Mauds Minne Høgskole, Trondheim, 24-25 October 2018.

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